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How to Enjoy What You Do

 ​It’s a fact that most people don’t enjoy their work. Why are Mondays the least popular day of the week and Fridays the most popular? You never hear a person say, “Thank God it’s Monday!” Let me suggest three key reasons why you may not be enjoying your work.

First, you may not be enjoying your work because the nature of the work is not consistent with your passion, interests and gifts. All of us are passionate about something. Some of us are passionate about many things. Being passionate means that you have a sense of excitement and trill about something. I have served as a minister for the last 29 years. Studying the Bible and teaching are activities that I enjoy and enjoyed even before being paid for it. If you are not passionate about your work and it is possible to seek work that is, then make a change. 

Second, you may not be enjoying your work because you are not seeing a greater purpose in your work. All of what we do has a greater purpose. For example, when I substitute teach I am not merely filling in for a sick teacher. I am providing students with an opportunity to interact with me so they can learn some valuable life-long lessons. Whatever it is that you do has a greater purpose than the immediate activity. Think about what those purposes might be and meditate on them.

Third, you may not be enjoying your work because you are not experiencing a sense of success, progress and accomplishment. All of us feel good when we accomplish something. Work can be a burden if we feel as though we are not progressing or accomplishing anything. Sometimes the nature of your work will determine the kinds of outcomes and success you will experience. To overcome the sense of a lack of accomplishment, identify in your line of work what may be considered as a success. Try to focus on those areas that are under your control. For example, if you are a sales person, you can’t control whether a customer makes a buying decision. However, you can control how many sales presentations you gave. Create some kind of visual for yourself that will picture the success. Then, reward yourself in some way for the accomplishment.

Enjoying our work is a blessing. If you’re not delighting in yours there may be some actions you can take to change things. 

Work Life

Most of us work for a living, whether we are employed or own a business. Our occupation is a major way that we not only spend a tremendous amount of time but it serves as a means for providing income. Our work also is a means of exercising the gifts and abilities we have been given. It is how we provide a benefit for others as we address their needs. Work life can be a source of satisfaction and purpose or it can be drudgery. Ideally, work should be something that is meaningful, significant and enjoyable. I'd like to help you to meet the challenges that you face on the job.